Telecommunication providers

Telecommunication providers – acquire, retain and cross-sell

Greater Data has a proven track record in helping to deliver direct response campaigns with high yields and healthy returns in the telecommunication industry.

The NBN rollout represents valuable acquisition, retention and cross-selling opportunities.

  • ISPs can now target households in both current and future NBN-enabled areas with personalised communications.
  • You can use fully personalised communications with these households, before your competitors.
  • Our experience can help you choose the right mix of channels – including over 30% of prospect households through digital communications.

We can help you capitalise on people moving home – research shows it’s an ideal time to change telecommunications providers.

Our data-driven marketing solutions include:

  • Working with major telecommunication providers to identify home movers for ‘churn prevention’ campaigns.
  • Providing a large-scale ‘local area lead engine’ based on dynamic geo-targeting similar to the NBN plans.

We can help you build a rolling, multichannel campaign using direct mail, EDMs, social media, telemarketing and targeted online display.

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