Data is the key to understanding your existing customers and finding new customers who spend. We can help you find customers who are more likely to apply for mortgages and loans, will pass a credit card application, and spend on their new card.

Our data is also essential to help you retain customers who are ready to explore additional banking products. The depth and breadth of our data contains several indicators of people who are more likely to access credit.

You can:

  • Enrich your existing customer database to drive insight with our discerning variables and proprietary segmentations.
  • Identify leads more likely to reach the credit card activation stage using our proven techniques.
  • Increase retention and credit card usage rates by setting up notifications and highlighting crucial customer triggers at just the right time.
  • Develop segmented and targeted marketing campaigns using our accurate data points.
  • Initiate higher rates of up-sales and cross-sales amongst existing clients.
  • Access our database of over 80,000 home movers every month (people moving house are three times more likely to apply for a credit card when moving and are likely to spend between $15,000 and $30,000 on furniture and whitegoods).

For more information please view our banking and financial services brochure.

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