Announcing the launch of an insight game changer: “Property Life Stage Segmentation”

By Georgie Brooke

Greater Data are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new product: Property Life Stage Segmentation (PLSS for short). In recent years, we have been asked the same question by multiple clients:

“How do I know where my customers and prospects are on their property journey; why they are there, and how I can use these insights to predict what they will do next?”

This was the catalyst for our journey that culminated in us launching PLSS. Our premier partnership with CoreLogic allows us access to Australia’s leading property insights. This data, teamed with our Greater Data Universe insights, provided the perfect environment to develop PLSS. After vigorous conceptualising, building and testing we are very excited to be launching this market changing life stage solution.

We set out to build an offering that was simple, intuitive, relevant and scalable and we are delighted with the outcome, on all fronts. We wanted to empower our clients to take the wealth of individual and property level insights that we hold, and easily gain a deeper understanding of the context behind the property life stages of their customers and prospects alike.

We love it when our clients see success and we have received glowing feedback from a major financial services provider. We have moved into the beta testing phase of an always on, customer and prospect communication strategy, delivered through multiple channels that will target millions of households with relevant and timely messaging.

Today’s consumer craves understanding: exceed their expectations.

Click here to learn more by visiting our full product page. Our team is on hand to help you with any queries so get in touch.