Greater Data Universe™

What is the Greater Data UniverseTM?

Accurate, up to date data is the key to finding new customers and is essential in keeping them.

The Greater Data Universe™ contains rich insights from key demographics. These include age, household income, disposable income and property details including value, last sales date, household size, land size and property features.

By combining records from 26 distinct sources we have built a comprehensive and accurate asset.

Regularly updated, the Greater Data UniverseTM

  • Provides market-leading insights on potential customers.
  • Delivers effective and innovative acquisition and branding campaigns.
  • Enables the seamless integration of multichannel marketing campaigns for acquisition, cross-sales, and retention.
  • Allows unique targeting according to client need.
  • Is rich in segmentation variables.

Our wide range of unique variables for 17 million Australian consumers allows pinpointed targeting and segmentation.