Energy sector – increase your customers

We hold rich insight on the energy consumption of over 16 million Australians. You can use our data and insights for more effective and innovative marketing communications specifically applicable for the Energy sector.

Our precise information provides:

  • Analysis of overall energy consumption including peak and non-peak usage at a household level.
  • Reliable customer information to avoid payment evasion.
  • In-depth knowledge of your potential customers including those more likely to switch to your energy service.
  • Identification of properties that are about to be listed for sale or rent – usually between 8 to 12 weeks prior to the moving date. This information can inform targeted communication of existing customers and new prospects at crucial decision-making times.

Instantly harness the combination of the deregulation of the energy sector and our powerful data for acquisition and retention of your customers.

For more information please view our Energy Data Card.

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