Company Introduction

Our Mission

“To deliver effective and innovative business solutions in a data-centric world. We drive long term success for our clients and partners by listening and challenging conventional thinking.”


What’s unique about Greater Data?

We have significant data assets. Our people are intelligent and experienced. We add value with our partner’s data resources to provide innovative and effective marketing solutions for our clients.

Drawing from extensive experience and a rich history of empowering our clients, we offer a consultative approach to form a natural engagement roadmap, through which we will work with you to deliver benefits for your organisation.

Through Greater Data’s business solutions, our clients are able to: 

  • Understand: Gain a rich understanding of your customer base and all the subsets within. Whether it’s profiling, responder analysis or churn event identification, we provide a view of previous activity presented as an interactive data visualisation.
  • Enrich: The more you know your customers, the easier it is to predict future wants, needs and behaviours. Our data enrichment solutions will allow you to leverage deeper insight on your customer database.
  • Segment: Leverage a wide range of prebuilt segmentation solutions which are proven to improve targeting effectiveness, and can be applied to your customers and prospects alike. This will give you touch points to the individuals most likely to respond to your messaging.
  • Execute: We offer a wide range of marketing execution capability that helps you deliver your message to the right person at the right time. This allows you to execute fully integrated marketing campaigns using direct mail, telesales, email, social media and targeted online display.


How do we do it?

Greater Data owns, maintains and utilises the Greater Data UniverseTM – a database containing actionable information on 16 million Australians. Since 2009, Greater Data has been evolving this extensive data asset to ensure the creation of market-leading products and services.

The depth and breadth of our data, which drives our proprietary and discerning targeting, enables our clients to make business decisions with confidence.