About us

Company Introduction

Headed by Director Georgie Brooke, Greater Data started in 2009 with two aims:

  • To lift the quality of consumer data available in Australia.
  • To provide better insight into that data.

The premise was simple but the results were greater than we imagined possible. By merging data from a wide range of sources, our data asset would become far greater than the sum of its parts, hence: Greater Data.


“Our mission is to deliver effective and innovative business solutions in a data-centric world. We drive long term success for our clients and partners by listening and challenging conventional thinking.”

What you get from us

Greater Data clients receive:

  • Data enrichment – augmenting our clients’ view of their customers drives confidence in marketing decisions and allows a greater customer experience through next-best-action marketing.
  • Analytics – using bleeding edge analytical techniques combined with our proprietary data assets, we are able to provide clients with unique insight. We do not stop there! We turn that insight into actions to cultivate confidence and ultimately ROI.
  • Segmentation – with a wide range of segmentation variables available to us, many of which are proprietary to us, we have the assets to provide meaningful segmentation to our clients to drive retention, cross sales and acquisition as well as supporting communication strategies through segmented messaging.
  • Prospect data –driving multichannel, fully integrated campaigns to customers and prospects alike. We make the most of traditional and progressive digital channels. We maximise touch-points with the right prospects by delivering messaging using a common currency of targeting.
  • Digital enablement – increasing the digital footprint of your customers by matching your base to our digital matching engine drives social media, email and online display advertising. By matching your offline data to the online world, you can drive cost efficiencies and marketing effectiveness using progressive marketing channels.
  • Data cleansing and processing –we are a market-leading bureau with proprietary matching routines which have been developed over the last eight years. By building the Greater Data Universe™ every single month from 24 separate sources, we practice what we preach. We have been favourably benchmarked against all of our industry peers.

The Greater Data UniverseTM 

Accurate, up to date data is the key to finding new customers and is essential in keeping them.

The Greater Data Universe™ contains rich insights from key demographics. These include age, household income, disposable income and property details including value, last sales date, household size, land size and property features.

By combining records from 24 distinct sources we have built a comprehensive and accurate asset.

Regularly updated, the Greater Data UniverseTM

  • Provides market-leading insights on potential customers.
  • Delivers effective and innovative acquisition and branding campaigns.
  • Enables the seamless integration of multichannel marketing campaigns for acquisition, cross-sales, and retention.
  • Allows unique targeting according to client need.
  • Is rich in segmentation variables.

Our wide range of unique variables for over 16 million Australian consumers allows pinpointed targeting and segmentation.